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Thursday, February 7, 2013

New Year, New Beginnings

Today's the 7th of Feb and it's the first post of 2103! Ooo how I've been slacking in keeping things up-to-date. So time for a change me thinks!! As of today we are back with a vengeance. In fact as the days go on and these posts become more regular you'll probably be sick of the sight of our creations haha! For now though we have some catching up to do...

Way back in 2012 (how long ago does that already seem!) we were asked to create a new home gift for someone who had a bit of an obsession with cleaning...nope, definitely not me haha!! As always, the way we work is to speak to our customers to gain an overview of what they'd up we ask them to set us a budget...we come up with a few a bit of shopping...and then Voila! We come up with things like this...

A bucket load of cleaning products (quite literally!) Once we have an idea, we always find it easiest to set a colour scheme and then find things that fit within it. With this bucket we chose purple, which was then made easier when we discovered a whole cleaning range (scourers, cloths, brushes) was available in purple. 

One thing you might not be able to see is the "hidden gift". You see, we thought that the recipient of this gift would be worn out after all that cleaning, so we hid a bottle of wine in there too! That way once their new home is clean and sparkley they can relax with a glass of wine and toast their new beginning in their new home. Either that or drink away the memories of all that cleaning haha!

Ooo and what new home is complete without one of our cards!

With the purple theme set with the gift and the "hidden" bottle of wine, Mum knew exactly what she wanted to do with this card. Don't you think it matches well? 

It really is good to be back
Little x

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