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Friday, February 8, 2013

Felt Friday Returns!

As I told you yesterday, we're back posting with a vengeance! Plus, not only that but we're also bringing back Felt Friday!! Starting today I shall be sharing just a few of the things Mum's been making out of felt...For months now she's been stitching this and that by hand, but for Christmas my Dad was kind enough to buy her a sewing machine! What's she been stitching with it I hear you ask? Well actually as of now it's still sitting in it's box!! Yes, that's the box!! For month's she'd been planning what she'd do with the thing, yet now she's got it she's not used it haha!! I should probably tell you she's a bit scared of breaking it...she needs time to be able to sit and play and figure it all out...time that right now, none of us until she gets that time she's still stitching everything by hand. 

What has she been stitching?? Well, anyone remember Barry? (Barry was the little penguin phone case Mum made). Barry now has friends!!....

Isn't it cute!! I haven't named the little monkey as this one's not mine. Having seen Barry, Mum was asked to make other animals/versions of the phone cases. She's been stitching away at quite a few different designs...all of which I'd love to share with you...BUT...Mum forgot to take photographs of them before giving them away (woops). Monkey was actually the first one she finally remembered to photograph, so Monkey is what I get to show you haha!! 

Ooo and seeing as a very special Lady likes a monkey, and loves pink...Mum instantly had to make another version...

I'm not quite sure which I prefer...perhaps I should have kept them both haha!! 

Little x 

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