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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Just A Note...

Every year as part of the "birthday law" list I buy certain presents...what's on the list?? 

Well it generally goes a little something like this...

1. Sock (what birthday is complete without new socks)
2. Chocolates/sweeties (obviously!!)
3. Bath products (well I don't want you to smell)
4. A notebook (for all those important things you need to do/buy)

Over the years this has gone on to include certain things for certain people too...for instance I have to buy my friend Suzanne an umbrella...if I don't buy it then it will rain on her birthday...if I buy her a new one then it's sunny!! This law also dictates that Lady has to have something to do with chickens on her birthday (really, don't ask!!).

So when Christmas came around I looked at the list of laws and saw an opportunity...I can't knit socks...I can't make chocolates (I'd eat them all) I can't make bath products (I'd probably give everyone a rash)...BUT I can make personalised notebooks!...

I have to admit, I chose the image...I chose the paper...I added it all together along with her name and made it look pretty...BUT there was no way I was covering it myself (I'd be far too likely to mess it up) Mum did that bit for me haha!!

I was ever so proud of that little notebook that if I hadn't put her name on it I'd have been keeping it for myself!!

Thankfully though I had a lovely surprise on Christmas day when I opened this...

Mum obviously knew how much I'd loved it and made me my own!!

Love you Mum 

Little x 

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