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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Ooo What I'd Give...

To be 21 again haha!! You can't blame me for wishing can you? Much like all the "big" aged birthdays, I've always found a 21st birthday difficult to buy for. There's always a limited selection of cards to choose from...the gifts are all predictable and you're lucky if you don't buy the same thing as someone else. Thankfully as crafters I no longer have that problem!! Nope, now we get to make all kinds of different things for the "momentous" birthdays. The most popular gift at the moment seems to be the can make them personal to the recipient by using their favourite things...

This one for instance is all "pinked" out! We even managed to get the chocolate to be pink too haha! Plus with pink being the theme of the gift, it made it easier to decide what to do for the card...

Even more pink...only this time with different colours!! 

Best of all though is that no-one will have brought them the same gift or card!!

Little x

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