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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Annya's 11!

For today's post I have 5 cards to share with you....Back at the start of the year (which feels like so long ago now), Allie gave us a great big long list of cards she'd like us to make! In fact the list is so long that no matter how many cards we make it just seems to keep increasing! So you're probably thinking there's a selection of the cards Allie's asked us to make in this post right? Nope, you'd be wrong! Today's post is all about Allie's youngest Daughter Annya.

Today is in fact Annya's 11th birthday...Happy Birthday Annya...Allie placed her order, and we followed with our usual there anything in particular you'd like on them?? Does she have a favourite colour?? When do you want them for etc. Our brief was Pink, girlie and Tatty favourite kind of cards! I do love a girlie Tatty Teddy, glitter, polka dots. ribbon, the list of pretty things is endless! Only problem is when you've made so many tatty cards it becomes increasingly difficult to come up with new ideas...let alone 5 different images and 5 different cards for the same person...but I've never been afraid of a challenge haha! So I gave it a go ....

First up there's tatty with the birthday cake....I threw everything girly into this card...ribbon, cupcakes, flowers, polka dots and to let you in on a little secret, tatty is supposed to be holding a blue (not very girlie) cupcake with sprinkles...but I preferred the pink flowery one, so I adapted it to make it even more girlie haha!

Then there's tatty with the presents...another "adapted" card...that tatty image is originally carrying something else in his basket...but as time goes on I'm getting better at adapting the images to make new ones that we haven't used before...perhaps I'm getting too clever haha!! 

followed by tatty with the birthday hugs ... Allie told us that one of Annya's favourite animals was a rabbit, so I couldn't resist using this tatty with her bunny!

Then there's Annya with her birthday badge and banner... I've created almost everything on this card...I made the backing paper...I hand stitched the letters on the bunting...I cut out the butterflies...I put the badge on tatty...all so that a special little girl gets a very special card from her Mummy.

And finally there's Tatty bring love from Nan...We'd actually made all of the other cards and delivered them to Allie safe in the knowledge that our work was done! Or so we thought, as when Allie's Mum saw the rest of her cards she wanted one too! So with lots more thought and a bit of "I need another tatty that's different again" I made this one! 

Hope you've had a lovely birthday Annya 

Little x

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