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Monday, February 18, 2013

Double The Fun!

"Can I have a nappycake please" Donna said..."It's for twins" she said...Ooo tick tick tick went the sound of Mum's brain thinking up all kinds of wonderful new things she could do to make a "twins" nappycake. There were flashes of bunting, hints of huge tiers...then in the end she made these...

The parents receiving this gift hadn't wanted to find out what they were having until their babies were born, so we had a neutral colour pallette to play with. But not wanting to go with the traditional green/lemon, we chose a lilac and white palette which I think I prefer....looks cute doesn't it? 

So with a lilac colour palette chosen, making a matching card became really easy...

Right down to the little purpley butterflies, everything matches the cakes! 

How clever is Mum!?!

Little x

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