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Sunday, February 10, 2013

December Birthday

I've already shared with you how frustrating I find it that my birthday is in December, but thankfully I'm not alone! 

Nope, one of Mum's oldest (and by oldest I don't mean age) friends also has her birthday in December! Plus she finds it just as frustrating as I do haha! Donna celebrated her birthday back on the 29th December and just like with my birthday, her family had to arrange the celebrations for a time away from the hustle and bustle of Christmas! It really is a pain...but then I guess it sort of works out so you have more than one birthday!! More than one birthday, but only one set of cards haha!

Talking of which, we were kindly asked by Donna's Daughters and Husband to make her birthday cards...

I'm always using Tatty teddy when it comes to Donna's sets of birthday cards for other people so I thought this year it would make a nice change to use a different character...I chose Tulip as some of the images seemed quite appropriate for Donna and her girls.

Donna's a cake baker so when I saw this image I could picture this being one of the scenes in her house...Donna baking cakes with one of her Daughters...

...then showing off the cake they made!!...

Followed by Donna relaxing and de-stressing in the tub after her long day of cake baking!! Well that's how I picture things anyway...not sure if they do really work out like that haha!

When it came to making the card from Donna's Husband, Mum knew exactly what she wanted to do...

Less cake and more love!! 

Hope you loved these cards Donna

Little x 

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