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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

All a Flutter!

For my birthday (just before Christmas) I had a very special present. I've reached that age now where I have everything I physically need. I don't grow (ever) so don't need bigger clothes or shoes. So it seems that my birthday causes a lot of people headaches with what to buy me haha! Like I said though, I got a very special gift for my last one...a grand calibur! (and for all the non crafters out there, that's a machine that cuts things for you!). The machine is so expensive. We'd been looking at it for a while but just couldn't justify spending so much money on something we may never use...Now I have it though I can honestly say it's the best crafty thing we've EVER brought. It's been constantly used since the day I took it out of the box, so much so that it already looks like it's about 3 years old ...woops!

Having the grand calibur means we can now create even better cards with even more intricate detailing without the need to cut yourself with a craft knife (by the way that seriously hurts!).  So when we were recently asked to create some card by people who were unsure of what they wanted, Mum decided to use my Calibur and made these...

Having found the image of tatty with the butterfly on his top, she matched it with the paper and then used the grand calibur to create the ever so pretty butterflies to give it that "extra" touch...

As you can see, you have the ability to add the shape of the butterfly and then add the "fiddly" cut butterfly layered on top! How pretty is that!

With one card made, Mum then went on to make another. This time for an older lady, so less cute and more tradition...

Mum's used the butterflies as more of a feature on this card...and then ...

Added Alma's name to the inside of the butterfly too! 

There's so much more I can show you that Mum's made with these butterflies...but I'll save that for another day!

Little x 

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