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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Tash-tanic Bears

 January 31st is my Dad's (Papa) birthday. Every year we face the same thing...what do we do! You see Papa's not really a big fan of much...he likes football, he has his own team but doesn't spend his weekends on the terraces....he likes American football, but he can't go to the games as he's not in America! (or so we thought)...he's not a big drinker...he doesn't play fact he's a pain in the posterior!

There's a few things he does like, but we've already made cards etc for most of them....our only option is to use the same things but in different ways...which is both difficult and takes a lot of thought! Thankfully though we're a creative bunch, so always manage to come up with something new...eventually!

This year was certainly no exception when it came to thinking of new ways of doing things....but for a big change I'm going to start the sharing off with Lady's project first. Lady made Papa a very pretty card...she had a pattern, but wasn't quite sure if it was the right "boat". From the instant she said "boat" I could her Papa's voice in my head saying "it's not a boat it's a ship"...I swear it's gotten to the point now where I call it a boat just to wind him up haha! After telling Lady it was in fact the right "boat", she made this...

Titanic! Ooo and if anyone was in any doubt, the instant I mentioned that Lady wasn't sure if it was Titanic, Crusty said "it is because it's got four funnels...the fourth one's fake"...Do you see how much our Papa's bored us with all his waffle hahaha!

So, that was Papa's favourite "boat" covered up Mum made a card using an image she found a long time ago. My Brother ( Gareth but we call him Vinnie) has always said our Papa looks like Mario from Super Mario! I have to admit it is sort of true...

Haha he even has Papa's grumpy face! This one was in fact made from Vinnie. When Vinnie took the card out of the envelope to write it, he giggled...that's when you've made a good card...if Vinnie approves then you've created something amazing! Ooo and the old man? Well, he is old! 

For Christmas Papa had lots of moustache cards & gifts that as far as we could tell, he loved! Soooo ....

Ta da! Another "tash" card it was! Only difference was this time he had boggley eyes too...not that we're saying Dad's got boggley eyes haha! 

Ooo and while we're on the subject of moustaches...

Papa even had his own little Moustache phone case! 

And then the last in the series of Papa's cards is mine...

Remember how I said Papa likes to watch American football? Well "his" team is the Chicago bears. I was randomly searching for an image for another project way back in September when I stumbled upon the little "dabears" man that I couldn't help thinking just like my Dad! So for months now I've known exactly what I was going to use...the only bit that changed was once I had the Grand Calibur I got to make lots of shapes that I didn't have to cut myself haha!

Woops...almost forgot Mum's card...

Tatty teddy footballer in Papa's teams colours! 

So there you have it...not one theme...but lots for a man that likes "nothing in particular" haha! 

Ooo and if anyone's wondering, Papa had an enjoyable work! But we did make up for it and treat him at the weekend!

Little x

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