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Friday, February 15, 2013

Felt Friday - Flutterphones!

Remember how I told you I'd be sharing more of Mum's butterfly creations? Well, today those butterflies have been created in felt! 

As I previously mentioned, Mum and I were worried about buying the grand calibur machine and then never using it. We really needn't have worried though. Once we discovered just a fraction of what the machine can do, it was used for all sorts... as with any die cutting machine, you do have to purchase the dies too, but once you have those you're well on your way to making anything and everything using the grand calibur. All you need is a bit of imagination! 

On a visit to one of the recent craft shows I'd overheard people talking about using their Grand Calibur's for materials other than paper or card. I couldn't quite believe it would work, but having made a few cards using the butterfly dies, I was desperate to try using the machine on something new...I knew it could be done, but wasn't sure how. So I consulted my usual "how to" guide - Google! Yep, I'm a firm believer in "if you don't know the answer- google it"!

I'll admit once I knew how, it was a lot easier than I'd expected. It also didn't take long for Mum to come up with some ideas...starting with this...

Mum had made felt phone cases before, but this was the first ones she'd made using pre-cut felt shapes...check out those butterflies! Every one the right size, and every one with a clear crisp finish...add a few beads here and there and hey presto you have your phone case...simple when you have the tools and know how haha! 

And as usual with Mum, after making one, there's no stopping her...

Butterflies and flowers, both of which of course cut using the grand calibur. The only problem is the Calibur doesn't stitch it all together for you haha! Nope, that's all still done by hand - and if you ask Mum she'll tell you they're stitched by hands that hurt!!

With more ideas in the pipeline, I'm sure you'll be seeing a heck of a lot more of the uses we've found for the Grand Calibur! Ooo and if any of our fellow crafters are searching for the same answer that I did. To cut felt or fabric in a Grand Calibur machine, you cut it exactly the same way as paper/card, using the same plates...I'd just advise running it through a few extra times to ensure it definitely cuts...simple!

Little x  

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