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Friday, December 28, 2012

Boring Gift??

Every Christmas I face the same old problem...what the heck do I get my Brother and Dad?? I ask and ask what they want and find myself buying the same old boring things....socks, chocolates, dvd' makes me feel like not bothering to be honest...especially when it's always so predictable. This year I faced the same old story...only this year I had a new idea to combat the boredom!!! I blatantly asked my Dad what dvd he wanted!! Yep...if he wanted predictable then I was going to make him choose it himself haha!! Only, the thing is his gift was going to be far from Well look .....

Yep, he still got his dvd...but he also got chocolate, popcorn and drinks to enjoy whilst watching his dvd and all in his own little bucket!!! See, that's how you turn a boring gift into an interesting one haha!!

So with my Dad sorted, I turned my attention to a very special friend of mine...we've been friends for far too many years to mention without making you realise just how old I am!! But having been friends for so long, we've also gotten a little predictable...cue a bit of creative thinking, and I came up with this ... 

Same thing right?? Well no, actually this one's hiding a lot's everything you need for a cosy night in...a dvd, cosy socks, face packs, nail varnishes, bath goodies, popcorn, chocolates and of course the little reindeer body puff to keep her company haha!! With it all put together, I needed a way of explaining why I'd done it this way, so...

Just a little rhyme I came up with all by myself haha!!

I have to admit, these gifts were pretty easy to put together...they were actual gifts...something they could though was I going to give my Brother money without just handing him the odd note or two in an envelope and giving the most boring gift of them all?? Yet again I set my brain to work and eventually came up with these...

Yep, that's right...after years of believing money doesn't grow on trees...turns out it does!! Not only was this unbelievably simple to do, but my Brother also had no clue as to what he was unwrapping on Christmas day!! There was no "Ooo I have socks" just by feeling the present!!

And what Christmas tree is complete without...

Baubles!!...and money baubles are even better haha!! I have a bit of a confession with both the money tree and the baubles...take another look at the coins...yep that's right I've always been a bit of a perfectionist, but when it came to making these I took it one step further...on the tree not only are all the coins pointing in the same direction with all the queens heads up, but they're also in date order so as you look down the tree the queen gets older!! (that really made me chuckle!!)...and with the baubles?? Well I made everyone check their stash of coins so that I had 7 of the same pattern on the coins for each of the baubles...a little obsessive I know, but then again that's just me!! 

So as I said in the title...who says money or a dvd has to be a boring gift??...they're definitely not in my house!! Ooo and don't worry, I already have a plan for their birthdays so their gift of "money" isn't as easy as  handing over a note!!

Hope you all had a great Christmas

Little x 

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