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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Just A Greeting Card??

Fed up with writing Christmas cards?? Think it's easier or less expensive to send a text/write on someone's facebook wall?? Well I have to admit that in fairness it probably is, but then again, you're missing the point a bit aren't you!!...You see the point of a greeting card is to make a loved one smile...sending a text/message on facebook does the same right?? ok, yes it does...BUT what happens when you change you mobile phone and the text disappears?? What happens in ten years time when there may no longer be facebook?? Well at that point all you have is a memory of someone maybe possibly sending you a message, but you probably won't remember exactly what they said. The other thing you probably haven't considered is what happens when the person who sent you that text/facebook message is no longer with us?? Well let me share with you something extremely precious to me...

That is the message my Grandma (Nan's Mum) wrote to me in my 21st birthday card...the last card birthday card she ever wrote for me...can you honestly tell me that that can be replaced with a text/facebook message?? See...that's where a hand written greeting card beats everything hasn't got to be the longest message, it hasn't got to be the best written message (Grandma's writing was always curly!!) but if it's handwritten then it's yours to keep fact it's yours to pass on to future generations that ask about your past...when an email/text message has been lost because you've changed your phone or email address...when facebook no longer exists (technology always evolves) the hand written greetings win everytime!! 

Now, talking of things lost that can't be replaced...some time back we were asked to make some extremely personal and very special Christmas cards. I'm not going to say much as I think you'll find the cards speak volumes...but I will tell you that I cried like a big girl whilst looking for ideas on what to do...then cried again once they were basically I'm a wimp!!

They were certainly some of the toughest cards I've had to make.


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