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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Month Of Birthday!

Not surprisingly, my birthday is the same day every year...just like everyone else's!! The only difference between mine and most other people's birthdays, is that mine is on a rather annoying date!! birthday was in fact yesterday...a week/7 days before Christmas day...could be worse...could be Christmas day itself...well I know that, but in fairness being a week before still sucks!! Every year it's the same thing ...people don't have any money as they're spending it all on Christmas...people can't make certain dates because they're either visiting relatives, or they have relatives visiting...the winter weather makes them ill...I have to work (being in retail means no time off at Christmas) ...or worst of all, there's SNOW!!! Ooo yes, for years when I was younger I asked for it to snow on my birthday...I thought it would make the best birthday present EVER...what with it being all snowy and pretty and all that...what I didn't factor in though was that no-one would be able to get anywhere!!! So when the snow finally did start to fall on my birthday, it ruined everything even more!!! So I can safely say that every year I try my best, but every year I'm let down by one thing or's the same old story, only I'm a year older!!

This year we decided to play it a little differently...we arranged a trip to London for the first weekend in December...we figured things would be a little quieter and there would be a little less chance of snow!!! We also booked tickets to go and see Starlight Express in Southampton for the same week...I saw the musical years's the best one I've seen, so when the tickets came up for sale I knew what I wanted!! Yet again the curse of my birthday struck!! Not that it spoilt my birthday...just that yet again it didn't go to's a curse I'm bored of living with much so that I'm quite tempted to move my birthday to July...surely things can't go too wrong in July??

Anyway, like I said, yesterday was my birthday...but on my actual birthday I didn't do very much at all...I sort of forgot that planning everything for other days would leave me with nothing to do on my birthday...oopsies!! I was just a little bit spoilt this year instead...It's been a little more like a birthmonth than a birthday!! haha!! Spoilt maybe a bit of an under statement, especially when you consider the fact I've technically had 4 birthday dinners (or 5 if you include going out tonight!!).

So, do you want to see my birthday makes??? ... Well, first up I need to remind you of a little story!! Remember way back when I started this blog?? I was off work...I was spending my summer sunning myself in the garden...well that plan went a little wrong!! But whilst I was sunning myself, I'd also planned to grow a few vegetables to give me something to look at in the garden!! Remember how I told you my Sunflowers all got eaten by the evil slugs?? and how I held out little hope for my pumpkins?? ...Well, I did actually manage to grow two was even pretty big, but they didn't quite get to orange in time for halloween...but add them to the cucumber, the beetroot, the potatoes and the tomatoes I managed to grow from scratch, and I was pretty impressed with myself!! Why am I telling you all this?? Well...

Mum thought it would be funny to make me this card...she'd been walking past this sunflower for months, and seeing how my sunflowers failed, she knew she had to use it!! She just wasn't too sure how until she spotted the little spade and fork...the story behind the spade is it apparently broke three times before I got the card...she even had to replace it the morning of my birthday as it had broken again!! It's very cute how she's made it look like tatty's growing the sunflower, pottering about in the garden...and she's even added my name to the little basket...very clever!!

To add to the garden themed card, Mum also gave me this ...

My very own gardening hamper!! Complete with spade and fork for the "little" gardener!! Plus as it's for me and I love a certain jewellery brand that comes in a little blue box with a white bow, she even managed to get the wellies in the almost "tiffany blue" and ...

added the little white bows to the sides of my wellies hahaha!!
 Thanks Mum xx

Mum also made me this card ...

Well, it was signed from my Brother, but considering he's got a warped sense of humor, this doesn't say "get well soon" or "happy hannukah" and it's far too cute, I'm pretty sure it was Mum that made it!! 

Next up there's...

Yep, piglet!! Crusty's stitched him...Piglet's my favourite disney character...there's a line from Disney that goes along with piglet..."in the back of his mind, piglet wishes he was tall as it's hard to reach when you're so very smal " which is obviously tailor made for me!! Not only has Crusty stitched piglet, but she's also surrounded him in polka dots...all very me!!

This is the first of two cards Lady made me for my birthday...if I remember rightly, she had made the other card, but when she saw the image in this on, she just couldn't resist making it!!...soooo many buttons!! In fact when I opened the card I knew exactly where she'd got the image from, but then instantly forgot...I had a sudden burst of exictement...I knew I had the lettering in our design discs, so had visions of Lady making the surrounding frame out of lots of different buttons from the same design suite...I was a little disappointed when I realised I don't actually have them to use haha!! It is such a beautiful card filled with lots of beautiful buttons!!

My favourite of the two cards Lady made me, is this seems to have worked out that whenever we're choosing colours, Lady has pink, Mum has green, Crusty has purple and well, I have Teal!! The only problem is Teal isn't always an easy colour to find...but as always, Lady manages to find just what's right...a teal and white card with tatty in the centre...and he's even got my name on his shirt!! Very pretty...but then I'd expect nothing less from Lady!!

The biggest surprise this birthday, I guess you could say was this...

Not our usual standard?? Not quite the sort of thing we usually make?? Well that's because it's made by Lady's partner (his name's Wiggers/Mick not Man!!)...I'm pretty sure it's the first card he's hand made...and how privileged do I feel to get it!! I have lots of stanps, but I've never got on with them...I just can't seem to get them right and lose patience...but having now seen Wiggers' attempt, I think I'll be getting him to stamp for me in future!!...he even designed and coloured it all himself...not bad for a first attempt I guess haha!!
It certainly made me smile...thanks Wiggers!!

Lastly, but probably most importantly there was a very special gift that Lady made me...last year she spent months knitting me my Christmas Reindeer jumper. This year I hadn't asked for anything...there wasn't really anything I wanted...until that is I saw something in a magazine...someone had cross stitched a beautiful pattern and then made it into a Christmas cushion. So a couple of months ago, seeing as I can't stitch I asked Lady if she'd be able to make me a cross stitch for a cushion...I didn't ask her to do it for my birthday, but she insisted it was what she was going to do!! Well...that was until she realised just how difficult it is to get hole of teal fabric!! Why teal?? Well I wanted it to sit in my teal, cream and brown would look lovely on my sofa next to my cushions that Mum made me...she wasn't too impressed with the colour...she hunted everywhere for fabric...we spent hours wandering around the craft show looking for the ideal fabric, but couldn't find it...then whilst we were in Birmingham...I was fast asleep, Lady was busy dreaming up visions of how to make my cushion in a different way!! With a bit more searching and adjusting, she made this ...

Just perfect isn't it?? ...tatty teddy, teal, polka dots, buttons and has it fact it's so beautiful I've been told that if I even think about dribbling on it Lady will punch me!! haha!! 

You can't quite make it our from this photo, but the little book says "story time" and I'm pretty sure that the little bears are Lady trying to work out what the word is, whilst I'm just thinking "come on read it properly"!!

I really do love it ...thanking yous Lady x x

Well, that's my birthday over for another year...I guess the biggest bonus was there was no snow this you remember the snow!! 

Thanks to everyone for making it a happy Birthday 
Little x 

Ooo and I even got a whole day off for my birthday...not a single bit of crafting in sight!! (even if there is still Christmas cards to make!!)

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