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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Something A Little Different

I'm getting really tired of being so far ahead! I've made some really pretty cards this past week, but can't share any of them with you yet as they're not needed in some cases until August!! In fact I'm so far ahead I've got just 3 cards left to do for August dates before I'm onto September ... I won't mention the 50+ Christmas cards I've yet to make because that's a very scary thought!!! 

Anyway, back to rainy July!! Today I've got a few little projects to share with you that have all been delivered this week. First up there's a Mum birthday card today...

Mum made this's all cute and pink and girly ... so cute!! 

Next up there's a few little Thank-you teacher gifts. I have no idea what it's like to be a teacher, but when it comes to the end of year they must love it!! Although as a parent I guess it's difficult to find something that will be different from what every other child in the class will give the same teacher. That's where we come in!!! ...

These could even be personalised with the Teachers name on. Not only were these candles given to the teachers, but they even had their own little gift bags...

Now you can't buy those in the shops!!

Well, that's all from me today, I'm now off to make a list of all the christmas cards I need to make ... wish me luck!!

Little x

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  1. Wow the fizzy card is so so so bootiful :0)