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Monday, July 16, 2012

11 Days To Go!!

Don't panic, you haven't been asleep that's not 11 days til Christmas!!! No, it's actually just 11 days to go now until this ....

I know it's going to be everywhere, I know I don't have tickets, I know that it's probably going to pour with rain the entire time, but I'm still pretty excited to be able to see it all (even if it is on the tv!!). 

A while back, thanks to some investigating I discovered how to make ribbon stay curled up like this....

So when I had the opportunity to make this card as part of a challenge over at CraftyCatz, I finally had the excuse to stick some ribbon in the oven!!! Yes, you did read that right, I really did put the ribbons in the oven!!! I then curled the ribbons even more to create the olympic rings...I know I'm biased, but I'm pretty proud of my first attempt at ribbon curling!!! Hopefully you think so too!!! 

I've also got another project to share with you today. Remember the card we made a while back for Jess with a British theme that was sent all the way to Canada?? Well, this card is for her Husband Rob...Jackie (Rob's Mum) asked us to make a card for him with..."Of course" we replied..."any particular theme?" ..."Daughtry" was her response...So after explaining to Mum what Daughtry was I came up with this!!!...

I even managed to find the same font the band use in their artwork to be able to match Rob's name to it...Check me and my cleverness out!!!

Hope he likes it Jackie
Little x

Oops! I almost forgot...Friday was Bethany's birthday, but we hadn't managed to catch her before today. So this morning she finally had her card and gift from us...just a little something, but now we she's got them I can share them with you...

We heard a little secret that Bethany likes cupcakes, so Mum made this card ...

Ooo but it wasn't just a no, Mum also made a candle too...

and look....

They match!!!


  1. Wow love your challenge card
    Awesome cards
    Sue xx

  2. Just love the Olympics card - so clever! thanks for joining us at CraftyCatz this week.
    Kim x

  3. Thank you so very much for Joining us at Crafty Catz Challenge, this is one very beautiful creation

    Have a lovely day,
    Good Luck with the challenge,
    Hugs Bridget Crafty Catz DT :0) x