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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Bethany's 18!

Yesterday was someone very special's 18th birthday!! In a round about way, we've known Bethany since she was roughly about 9/10years old...that was many moons ago when her Mum worked with Mum. Since then, I've worked with her older Sister Becca, Mum's worked with Becca, and now Mum's working with Beth!! So when we were asked to make a few projects for her birthday, how could we resist!!!

First up Becca asked us to make a Sister 18th Birthday card...

Last year I managed to find some Sister ribbons that were "Big Sister and Lil' Sister" that Crusty and I used on each others cards. This year I managed to find more of the ribbons only this time in different colours in different colours, that I was saving to use again. When Becca asked me to make her a card for Beth I couldn't resist using this Ribbon on Bethany's seemed a perfect way to add that "extra touch"!!

When I found the cute forever friends bears in the deck chairs, I don't know what it was, but I could image them as Becca and Beth!!! I then added Bethany 18 to the balloons and if you look closely ....

The bear wearing the sunglasses even has 18 on the lenses!!! 

Next up, we were asked to make a birthday card and gift basket for Bethany from some of her friends. 

Mum made this card...she couldn't resist using the pretty girlie colours and of course tatty's holding the flowers wishing Bethany a happy birthday!!!

Lastly we were asked to put a basket of goodies together...

We managed to stick to a pink and white colour theme whilst still incorporating some of her favourite things...

Her friends had already purchased the bottle of wine, picture frame and celebratory glass which all fit so well with our choice of colour scheme and left us with just the job of topping the basket up with some of her favourite things!!!

I have a bit of a confession too see, I'm a lover of soap and glory products too!! So when I saw the little bottle of hand sanitiser I couldn't stop myself from sniffing to test the smell!!!...Then I fell in love!! As much as I tried though Mum just wouldn't let me keep it!!! (rude!!) So on our next trip to the shops I was practically running to the shelf to grab some for myself ...BUT it had all I hope you enjoy that little bottle, because I won't hahaha!!! 

Hope you've had a memorable 18th birthday Bethany

All of us x

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