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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Old-Lady's Crafts!!

For my final post about Mum's 50th birthday I thought it was about time I shared all the cards we made her...When it comes to making cards for Mum it's never takes me forever to think of what to do...then once I get an image of what I'd like to create in my head I wind myself up in stress to make it look as perfect as I can. You see as Mum's a crafter, I can't get away with anything!! No little glue splodge or glitter in the wrong place goes unmissed!! Crafting for Mum however is always a challenge...I usually push myself harder than I have before to create something extra special that she's not seen before or would expect.

With it being her 50th birthday I really needed to make her cards more special than ever Well, by spending more than 8 hours crafting one card alone!!! Yep that's right 8 hours!!! Why 8 hours?? Well, this is why....

Apart from the card itself, and the ribbon, every piece of that card is hand stitched by me...and I'm NOT a stitcher!!! I'd made a card where I'd added stitched edges and a stitched sentiment, but somehow got it into my head how pretty a stitched backing paper would look...

Personally I think it does look pretty...but I shall NEVER EVER be doing it again!! I really do love it, but it caused me nothing but nightmares, pain in my hand and a lot of bloomin stress!! It was a seriously long process...I started by drawing the 50 onto aida (fabric used for Cross stitching) then I had to place that little 50 where I wanted to stitch...punch through all of the little holes where the stitches would go...then move the 50 to a new place and start all over again!!! Ooo and of course once the holes were punched I had to then stitch through them!!!...So do you see why I'm never doing it again!?!

My stitching phase didn't stop with this card though...

I then decided to add the stitched sentiment and stitched edges to this triple easel card too!! Ooo and you see the little 50 heart?? 

Yep, I hand stitched that too!!! Mental I know!!! In fact I'm pretty certain I need checking to make sure I actually have some sanity!!!

With my card, and the card from my Brother made, I then spent an afternoon making a card with my Dad!! Ooo yes, not even Dad gets away with buying a shop brought card...everything's handmade in our family!!

I may have cut the bits and pieces out, but Dad sat and glittered everything by hand...he stuck it all down himself and chose it all...Although when it came to the ribbon I had to take over, so he's not quite got a new job just yet!!

Crusty on the other hand...

Well seeing as she made this card all by herself, she can definitely have a job!!! Mum's favourite disney character has always been Tigger, so when it came to choosing an image to stitch she decided to use the black and white tigger. Then as she's on a bit of a button kick at the moment...she's stitching buttons on everything!! The orange and green she'd used fitted perfectly with the black and white stitched image. 

Next up is the card Lady made...

Mum really loves Fizzy... so when it comes to Lady choosing an image to stitch for Mum, it's always got to be fizzy...he's ever so cute! This time there was a choice between two images, but together we decided on this one. Lady worried that the flowers were too pink and as Mum's favourite colour is green that it wouldn't look right, but as you can see it's beautiful. Lady even cut out the stitched image and backed it with a doilie as she'd done on a previous project that Mum had loved...Ooo and she even used her favourite buttons on the flowers, which means Mum must be really special haha!!

Now I've shown you all the projects made by us here at little-lady's crafts, I can explain the title of this post...Mum's friends Jackie and Linda that I mentioned in the previous post also wanted to get Mum and extra special card. I guess when you're buying for a crafter you're perhaps more aware of what the card is and how it was made...or maybe they love our cards so much they want to try and match their prettiness!! Whatever their reasons, they both decided that Mum's 50th birthday would be the ideal time to try and make Mum a card!! Ooo yes, they too decided that a shop brought card just wouldn't be good enough!! So they went and brought some children's crafting pots full of all sorts of things to make and create....they brought a large piece of card, and then some time last week they both met up and made this ....

hahaha!! No matter how "rubbish" they think it looks, it will never be "rubbish" might not be up to our usual standard!! But the best thing about it, is they tried!! Jackie and Linda took the time to think about what they wanted to do, they put their heart, soul and hair into this card!! So no matter what anyone else thinks Mum absolutely adores this card...I'm not sure why I bothered spending 8 hours stitching her card!! maybe feathers, glitter and stickers was what I needed hahaha!!

Ooo and the explanation for the title??...

As we always put our facebook address on the reverse of our cards, Jackie and Linda decided that they'd put their own the reverse of theirs...Old-Lady's Crafts!! Well I guess they are Old-Ladies hahaha!!! 

Little x

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