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Friday, November 9, 2012

Birthday Lady

There are two very special things about today...the second is that we're all off to Birmingham this morning to spend the entire weekend at the big craft show...lets see how much ribbon we can buy shall we!!! The first and more important thing, is that today is Lady's 47th birthday!!! One of the things I didn't share with you on Mum's birthday is that Dad didn't quite know what to get her, so instead decided that as he needed to give her something she could unwrap he put 50 pound coins in a jar!! When I told Lady what he was doing she said "tell him I'm 47 on Friday"!! haha!! Well, neither I nor Dad got her 47 coins, but we did make her a few special things...starting with her cards ... 

This card was a joint effort from both Crusty and I...Crusty stitched the "mon-key", I placed him onto the card and decorated him!! I'd already made Lady a birthday card (or two) but when I saw the "mon-key" I really wanted to make him for her...but I can't stitch!! So thankfully Crusty was able to help me out and together we made quite a pretty card...well I think so anyway!!

Next up there's the card Mum made...

A while back, Mum made a card with folded over corners that Lady really liked. So when it came to choosing what to do for her card, Mum already had this planned in her head!! With lots of flowers, and pretty pinks, it turned out perfectly for Lady. 

As Lady is a big Snoopy fan, Crusty couldn't resist stitching him for her birthday card...again she's added the buttons (see what I mean about the button phase!!). This is another of Crusty's "all by herself" creations...she's getting rather clever don't you think?? Definitely needs to be doing more of them I think!!

Last of all her cards, is mine...

I'd made this card in greens for Mum, although obviously Mum's had a 50 on it!! When I showed Lady, she'd loved it so much that I couldn't quite resist making another version in pink!! Pink is apparently her favourite colour, although I've had so many issues trying to match shades of pink that I've been trying to convince her that it should be orange!!...she wasn't buying into it though, so I had to stick with pink haha!! With a little bit of pink gingham, some more stitched edges and a lot of pink flowers, I'm pretty sure this is "very Lady"!!

Well I might have lied before when I said that was the last see I thought I'd messed up again as I hadn't taken a photo of the other card I'd made her...but thankfully after a few text messages I have a bit of a dodgy quality (taken on a phone) photo...

Yellow car!! (punch for you)...Way back in August as I sat sunbathing in the garden, I made two of these for Crusty, and one for Lady. The only problem was if I'd shared this card in September when it was Crusty's birthday, then Lady would have Crusty's been itching to watch Lady open this card!! On Wednesday night when we all descended on Lady's house to deliver her presents, we all sat watching as she opened this card...knowing what was she opened the envelope and saw what was inside, she got the "YELLOW CAR" slaps!!! Somehow with us all being together this entire weekend and both Crusty and Lady having these cars as keyrings I have a feeling I'm going to get a lot of slaps!!!

Did I mention presents?? ...

I did didn't I!?! This is how Lady's presents were delivered...

as brown paper packages tied up with string...and in there were a few of her favourite things!! (The Sound Of Music in case no-one got the reference)

Don't worry, her presents were wrapped up nicely in pink papers and cellophane inside!! 

Some were in a pink spotty bag...

and some were made to look like ice-cream in a bowl!!

But mostly they didn't stay wrapped for long!!....

Happy Birthday Lady...Hope you have a fun packed day

Little x

Mum x

Crusty x

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