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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Curlers, Slippers & Bananas!!

Exactly fifty years ago today a very very special lady was Mummy...Yep today is Mum's 50th birthday...the big 5 O!! So how do we mark the occassion?? With revenge is how!!!

You see, for years Mum's been the instigator of birthday celebrations...she's been the one that's decorated the house in balloons/banners, she's hung flags from windows to let the neighbours know it's our birthdays, and she's even snuck into workplaces to decorate them with birthday regalia too!! Ooo yes, Mum's done it all!! Her most recent birthday hi jinx have included posting 50 individual birthday cards to her friend on her 50th, and most humiliating for me, a few years ago when I turned 30, she decorated the store I worked in in balloons and banners so all the customers knew just how old I was!! So today's the day we get our own back!!

As the eldest of her three children the responsibility obviously falls to me...I get to be the organiser, the shopper and most importantly the planner!! My Sister and I have been plotting how to mark the special day for weeks. We considered handcuffing her to a roundabout with a big "I'm 50" sign above her head, then we thought about putting photos of her from younger years (80's perm included) in all the places her friends would see them...but then we realised she'd probably never speak to us again!!! With the big humiliations out of the question, we finally came up with this ...

Looks pretty doesn't it?? Well, what you can't see, is that lurking in amongst that green and pink basket of gifts are a few little "surprises"!!! The first of the surprises you can obviously see ...

Bananas...Why bananas?? Well, every morning Mum has a cup of tea and a banana for breakfast...nothing out of the ordinary right?? No, there isn't...but once she's finished her banana she places the banana skin in her tea cup and ever so kindly leaves it sitting in the kitchen waiting for me to wash it up!!!Annoying!!! Yep, I do realise that buying her bananas will just encourage her to do it again, but it's now become a long standing joke in our family so I couldn't leave them out of her birthday gift list!!!

There is in fact a total of fifty presents sitting in the basket...actually 49 to be precise as the basket counts as a present!! But not all of them have been nice!! She's had hair curlers ...picture an old lady, and you picture her with rollers in her hair right?? Exactly, so now she's 50, she obviously needs them!! There's also a blanket (to cover her legs when she gets cold), some slippers (all old ladies wear slippers), some over 50's vitamins (she'll obviously need those) and most importantly of all, there's a plastic rain hood!!! Well, we wouldn't want her newly curled hair getting messed up by the rain now would we!?!

Don't worry, she's also got plenty of nice presents hiding in there too, but as we've always liked the odd joke present or two in our family, I couldn't resist!!

I have plenty of other pictures or things we've made Mum for her birthday, but I'll save them for another day. For now, I just wanted to share with the world that Mum turns 50 today!!

Hope you have a lovely birthday Mum
Love you lots
Little x

(just when you think it's all over, along comes another surprise)

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