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Monday, January 23, 2012

Too Inspired!

Having spent the past few days with no inspiration or motivation, we finally found some extremely late last night!! I bounced out of bed this morning ...well ok it was actually gone 10am before I surfaced! Mum and I raced off to the shops ... Ooo alright then we walked pretty quickly in the freezing cold to the shops intent on buying lots of things for our numerous inspirations. Only problem was the shops had just about nothing we needed. Having searched the cupboards, draws and numerous boxes we'd found ourselves enough to make this ....

We think it would make an ideal Mothers Day gift, a new home gift or even a birthday present for a baker ... Nope, Crusty not you!! It's only a prototype at the moment, but we're so excited we had to share it with you... what do you think??

Little x

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