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Friday, January 20, 2012

Introducing ... Us!

Well, today marks the beginning of a new adventure for us .... we've joined the world of blogging!! What a confusing world it all is too. So far it's taken us about two hours just to get the profiles all set up!

So who are we then? Well, there's 4 of us in total and with differing levels of crafting experience. Firstly there's me, Andrea! I'm the more technical minded of us all (even though it took me two hours To set this up haha! ). I started this craft thing off a couple of years ago. I got fed up with walking into the card shops staring at the same old cards trying to choose one that my Mum hadn't had or wouldn't know the price of! After talking it over with Mel (who was my boss at the time) I decided to make my Mum a Mothers Day card. I cut out the picture, stuck on some ribbon and stickers and felt ever so proud of myself. I took it to work to show Mel, who then suggested I decoupage the image. I should point out, that back then I had no idea what decoupage was! So with Mel's guidance and a lot more sticking I made an even better card and the crafting bug was caught! From that point on I made every card I needed instead of buying them. So I guess you could say it's all Mel's fault!! <-- sorry Lady!

So I guess next up should be Mel. Like I said, Mel was my boss, but since the day I've met her she's become a lot more than that. Work may have forced us together, but a sense of humour, crafting and shopping has made our friendship last. We both got made redundant last year so she's no longer my boss, but she's still a friend, well actually she's probably more like part of the family now! Whilst working together we had numerous nicknames, mine was pretty much always "Little" as I'm not exactly tall! Mel became "Lady" although I can't quite remember why now ... Lady she is though, and Little I am, so that's how the Little-Lady's started out! Mel's been crafting for over 20 years now. Cross Stitching is what she loves most, but she'll also knit and sew and papercraft too.

After Little and Lady comes Mum! Yep she's actually Little's Mum, but just about everyone calls her Mum! Mum's like a speeding train when it comes to crafting! We'll be out shopping when suddenly she'll have an idea for something new and before you know it she's made it and it's standing in front of you! Honestly, she's forever coming up with new ideas for this or that. Mum (Sharon's her real name) worked in the greetings card stores for over 20 years until she recently decided it was time for something new. So she's our inside knowledge on all things card! Whilst working in the card shops Mum was taught how to cellowrap gifts, so when you see any of our goodies wrapped up looking pretty it'll be Mum that wrapped them! She'll wrap all kinds of things from nappycakes to sweetie gifts and pamper baskets. As far as our team goes, Mum's the "all-rounder" she can do just about anything!

Last and by no means least, there's Crusty! Crusty is my baby Sister, although she's actually bigger than me! Her name is actually Lindsay, but a while back she caught the nickname Crusty and hasn't been able to shake it since!! Crusty's the baker in our team. She's a dab hand at making a cupcake or two, so we never go hungry round here! She makes quite a few different flavours, but my personal favourite is the Lamington ... it's chocolate topped and covered in coconut ... yummy! As well as the cupcakes, Crusty also Cross Stitches cards too.

So, there's our team. That's who we are. Little-Andrea, Lady-Mel, Mum-Sharon and Crusty-Lindsay. Between us we craft and create all number of things, many of which you'll get to see in this blog. There's hardly a quiet moment between us, but if there is you'll definitely find us crafting!

Hope you enjoy the makes we share with you along the way.

Little x

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