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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Surprises By Lady ...

Yesterday was of course Good Friday, which in the land of Little-Lady's meant one thing ... Easter card swapping time!!! Lady, Mum and I all swapped Easter surprises whilst sitting in the sunshine with a coffee. Crusty would have joined us, but she was far too busy sleeping off the rather late night before!! 

I'd love to share the Easter makes that Mum, Crusty and I have made, but we won't be swapping those about until Easter Sunday, so I can't ruin the surprises!! So all the creations in the following picture are made by Lady ...

How pretty are they? There's the Fizzy Moon Picture hanging in the tree beautifully cross stitched by Lady for Mum. There's the little decoupage Forever Friends Easter card which I think is Lady's first decoupage card.... so so pretty. There's the large card on the left with the Easter chick in the teapot cross stitched and put together beautifully onto the card which you can probably guess was made for me as it's got my name on the egg!! Then most impressively of all there's my Easter basket filled with all my favourite sweeties ... Lady knows me far too well!! Ooo and before anyone asks, no I'm not sharing the chocolates they're all mine haha!! As they've all put a rather large smile on our faces I couldn't wait any longer to share them.

Once again Lady, a huge big Thank You from Mum, Crusty and me xxx

Ooo but before I forget, the Easter tree with the eggs was made by Mum and will be taking spot place on our Easter table tomorrow ... she's been determined to have an Easter tree for quite some time now, and finally put it together this morning!! Hope everyone has a great Easter weekend. 

Little x

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  1. I would like to thank 'Little' for all the love, research and hard work you put into your cards! I have ordered a few from you these past months and each one has blown me away. I was shown the latest card on your mum's mobile phone and it nearly had me in tear's! Never will I purchase a standard shop card again. Keep up the good work. And if anyone reading this hasn't ordered a card from 'Little lady's crafts,I suggest that you do. You will not be disappointed. Thanks again Andrea xxxx