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Friday, March 16, 2012

Baby Project 1

Remember how we teased you about some of our recent projects in the last post I published?? Well now I can share the first of those projects with you. To be fair I should really have shown it to you a couple of days ago, but we've been so busy here at Craft Towers getting everything ready for Mothers Day it's been a little bit too hectic!

If you remember, we were making projects for another of the Crafty Ribbons' Challenges. Crafty Ribbons is a one off family run company based in Blandford. Over the past couple of years we've ordered and brought rather a lot of ribbons from them. They're not just a business though. Ooo no, when you order from Crafty Ribbons you know who you're ordering from. Ali and Tony! How do you know?? Well everything has that personal touch. They have their own website yes, they want you to buy from them yes, but they also want to inspire you to do more with your crafting. How?? Well they also have a blog that you can follow where Ali regularly updates you with ideas from both herself and her customers. Not only that, but they also run weekly competitions to win their product free of charge as well as having regular challenges. Through those challenges is how we've gained a lot of confidence in our crafting. This is in fact our third challenge with them now. Ali sets the theme of the challenge and sends you some freebie ribbons to craft with. All she asks is that you send her two items you've crafted for that theme which include the ribbons she sent... simple!!

The most recent challenge was a baby theme. Although a little confused as to where to start, we eventually made 11 projects ... just a few more than the required two!!! This is project number 1....

It's a small set of drawers that contain a "New Mum Survival Kit". Each drawer has one of the listed items contained in it. There's 12 in total although the actual baby of course doesn't come with it!! Lol!!. So what's in it?? Well ... 

Hopefully you can read that list. Looking at it now I can honestly say I'm very proud of my creation.... looking at it when I was working on it though I can tell you I hated it!! I couldn't get all  the drawers the same size, the y weren't sitting straight ... everything that could go wrong did ... in fact after about 4 hours working on it I threw it all in the bin and walked away from it!!! As you can probably guess, I did retrieve it from the bin and managed to salvage what I'd spent hours working on. Not only that, but I got it all to go right in the end (well almost!!). It may have caused me a rather large headache but I'm still very proud of that little box creation. 

The best bit about those drawers is decorating them ... I used 4 different little tatty teddy images on each of the sides ... 

So that's it ... my first little set of baby drawers. Cute, even if I do say so myself!! Although thankfully it's not just me that thinks so. Ali at Crafty Ribbons liked them enough to feature them on her blog and named ME as her guest deisgner of the week! You can check it out over at the Crafty Ribbons Blog here. How honoured am I?? ME! A DESIGNER!! Honestly you couldn't get the grin off my face haha!! 

Well that's it from me today. I'm now off to finish my own Mothers Day cards ... downside of being a designer I guess haha! You make everyone else's projects before your own!! I have tried something a bit different with Mum's this year so hopefully she'll like them... if not I'll just keep them for me!! There's plenty of Mothers Day designs over on our facebook page though and I'll add a few more of them here after Sunday. 

Happy Mothers Day to all the Mums 

Little x

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